September 2014, I cross the Channel. The sea that until then separated me from my father seems to have evaporated. I move to France, the country that I used to visit each season, for the holidays. Precious moments of a punctuated relationship in which each goodbye was lived as a farewell.


In the construction of my fathers house in Conques, with its worn tapestries, I rediscover my father in his role of a father, but also as a son and a partner. A certain routine that until now had slipped away from us.


I plunge into the heart of their intimacy and find my place at the crossing of these intertwining generations. I meet my half-sister Zaya, the fruit of a new relationship with Nadia. I can feel my grandmother’s tender and sorrowful gaze. I attempt to capture these fleeting moments, bodies that seem to bear witness of a life that is moving too fast.