Chlöe is a hymn to my sister.


Portraying a period of uncertainty, the delicate crossing between a child and a young woman.

Seventeen, the age where we battle through the quest for the discovery of our identities.

Seeking for the right to gain possession of our bodies.


Whilst searching for ground from which she can take flight, Chlöe re-delves into the absence of a father and the lack of a family. Giving our mother an impression of déjà vu, as reflected in Chlöe she sees her own abandonment.


Chlöe and our mother have always held a complex, fusional and exclusive relationship. A binding tie unites them but this doesn’t go without clashes. Taken in a period of emotional violence, arguments and reconciliations set their daily rhythm.


Since having crossed the Channel, my voice has been searching for it’s echo. These photographs represent a few pieces from a complicated jigsaw.