This project is based on a period of time in France, through which I re-trace my roots and re-discover my paternal family.


The Channel, this vast sea that once separated us seems to have evaporated. Enabling me to re-trace my french roots.
I meet the fruit of my fathers new family, my half sister Zaya.
I witness the daily life of a childhood with a father, a figure which haunted me throughout mine. My work dives into waves of emotions which continue to engulf a large part of my life. A form of catharsis, a chance to understand and capture these precious moments which can seem trivial. I give sense to a period of my childhood and help heal wounds of the past.


The vulnerability of time arises as I document these daily rituals. This measurement that we’re constantly fleeing almost creates a sense of survival. The eternal pit of time, constantly reminding us of our mortality. I wonder what the world would be like if this unit that measures and sets the rhythm to our lives, ceased to exist.
Leaving only one rhythm, that of the heart.